cargo-partner Whistleblowing Channel

With this reporting channel, you have the opportunity to submit information about violations of the law.

Reporting process is confident and may also be anonymous. Only if you want to, you can disclose your name and surname. Otherwise, your identity stays hidden during the whole process.
All cases will be handled by Corporate Internal Audit and we assure that they will be handled impartially, confidentially, securely and in line with applicable data protection laws.

From this page you are able to make a new secure report or follow up on an existing report. The following up on your reports can be relevant for numerous reasons:

1) To see the status of your report;
2) To provide additional information whenever you need to;
3) To serve as a two-way communication between yourself and system administrator. This can be done when administrator requests more information in order to resolve the issue or take appropriate action.

We welcome all to become a whistleblower in case there is something that should be brought to our attention.