CBM Global Disability Inclusion Whistleblower Channel

CBM Global is committed to a culture of integrity, transparency and accountability. CBM Global’s Whistleblowing Policy provides all Whistleblowers an assurance that reports will be handled with care and in strict confidentiality.


By using this Whistleblower software, you can anonymously report any suspected or actual occurrence(s) of illegal, unethical or inappropriate behaviours or practices. This software allows you to report matters that may otherwise not be reported.


Kindly be aware that we have other reporting avenues for you to report issues relating to Safeguarding, Sexual Exploitation, Abuse or Harassment, Programme related feedback or complaints or Grievances, however if you prefer to use this system, please do so and we will ensure your report will be handled by the right persons ensuring we maintain strict confidentiality.


You can use this page to submit a new secure report or follow up on an existing report which will allow you to:


Please ensure you provide detailed information in your report to help us investigate the matter expeditiously. All of the information you submit and all communication from you or to you is anonymous and confidential. When you submit your report, you will receive a code which you should save carefully as this is your ‘key’ to follow up your report. 


Thanks for taking the time to submit your report.