Danske Hoteller A/S Whistleblower Channel

As an employee, you can report serious matters anonymously or if you have reasonable suspicion of such matters.

Through this page, you can submit information about reprehensible matters or report actions that are unethical, illegal or in violation of internal policies. The scheme is to be used to bring matters to light that would not otherwise have come to light.

HR related matters cannot be reported in this system, but must instead be discussed with the immediate manager, director or HR.

It can be reported confidentially with indication of name and contact information or, if desired, 100% anonymously.

All inquiries are treated confidentially and securely.

From this page you are able to make a new secure report or follow up on an existing report. Following up on your reports can be relevant for numerous reasons:

1) You wish to see the status of your report, to check if action is being taken.

2) You wish to provide additional information to your report.

3) The system administrators has requested additional information from you to help them resolve the issue or take the appropriate action.