8b453f54-43e4-483f-972f-1cc756d9a8d7Whistleblower Channel

As a Mollie employee, you can report any structural breach or misconduct that has or potentially might have a critical impact on the integrity and future existence of Mollie or the public interest on a national or international level.

This page will allow you to file a secure report in writing or orally. After filing a report you will immediately receive an URL on your screen and via the URL you will be able to: 

1) Track the status of your report, to check if action is being taken;
2) Add additional information or documents to your report;
3) Communicate with the contact person i.e. in case they need more information from you.

All reports through Mollie's reporting channel are handled securely and confidentially. You always have the option to make your report completely anonymous or with your name and contact information. 

HR related matters cannot be reported via the tool. For HR related matters please see the 'Mollie-wide Policies' page or contact your manager or the designated HR contact person for your department. 

If you need help filing a report please contact the Internal Reporting Point, as described in Mollie's Group Whistleblower Policy