Smart Eye AB Whistleblower Channel

In your role as employee, seeking employment, volunteer, trainee or hired consultant, you are able to use this channel to report misconduct committed in a work-related context within your employer’s business. Your report should concern misconducts that are of public interest. In this context, public interest means conditions that are normally viewed as serious and that pertain to a group of people who can be described as the public.

You are also able use this channel to report misconduct committed in a work-related context that concerns violations of certain designated EU legislation. The EU legislation encompasses, among other, processing of personal data (GDPR), public procurement, financial services, money laundering, product and transport security, environmental protection, health and safety for both humans and animals, consumer law, competition law and corruption.

The objective of the channel is to encourage you to reveal occurrences through an internal channel that otherwise would not have been detected. In this way, you can contribute to the overall compliance of our organisation’s basic values. 

As a whistleblower, you are guaranteed protection against reprisals from your employer if you had reasonable cause to assume that the information regarding misconduct was true at the time of reporting. 

As an organisation, we also want to provide you with the possibility use this channel to report misconduct within our operations that neither is in the public interest nor can be deemed to violate the above-mentioned EU legislation. In these cases, you, as the reporting individual, will not be automatically entitled to statutory protection against reprisals. Nevertheless, we undertake, to the extent practically possible, to provide you with protection against reprisals that correspond to the statutory protection. To qualify for this protection it is required that:

  1. you report via this channel,
  2. you provide tangible suspicions of misconduct that you, at the time of reporting, had reasonable cause to assume was true,
  3. the report concerns a person in a key position or position of management within our organisation, and
  4. the matter concerns serious irregularities.

In conclusion, we kindly ask you to note that the channel is, on the other hand, not appropriate for reporting such things that, for example, only concern your own or someone else’s personal work situation or employment conditions. This, of course, provided that the conditions in points a-d above are not applicable to the situation in question. In such cases, you are instead referred to your immediate manager or alternatively our people and culture department, which is responsible for these discussions. 

Reports through this page can be done confidentially with stating of name and contact information or, if desired, completely anonymously. In the case of confidential reporting, your identity will initially be held secret, however it may be revealed at a later stage to the extent necessary in order to investigate the reported misconduct. In the case of anonymous reporting, your identity will remain secret; however, it may affect the possibility to investigate a reported misconduct. 

Through this page, you can also follow-up on reports that you have made. It may be relevant to follow-up reports for, among other things, the following reasons:

  1. You want to see the status of your report in order to check if any measures have been taken as a result of the report. 
  2. You want to add further information or evidence to your report.
  3. The system administrators have requested additional information from you to be able to investigate the reported misdocunct or tale appropriate action.

As a whistleblower you also have the right to report misconducts externally through reporting channels administered by public authorities dedicated to recieving such reports. You find more information regarding such extrenal reporting here (in swedish).

Under the tabs above, you will also find more information about our whistleblowing policy and how we process your information in connection with you reporting misconduct through this channel.