ADPs whistleblowing scheme

Associated Danish Ports A/S (ADP) has chosen to establish this whistleblowing scheme and thereby give employees with ADP and others with work-related activities with ADP the opportunity to anonymously report matters falling within the scope of this whistleblowing scheme. On the next tab, you will find further information about who can use this whistleblowing scheme.

What can be reported?

You can report information about breaches of the EU law as well as other serious breaches of law or other serious matters. You must have reasonable grounds to believe that the matters you report are true.

Is there a risk with making a report?

If you make a report in good faith about matters falling within the scope of this whistleblowing scheme, you will enjoy a special protection against retaliatory measures, including threat of or attempted retaliatory measures that are linked to the reporting. 

What happens with the report?

The Law Firm Kirk Larsen & Ascanius will screen all reports. Within seven days after having filed your report, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your report through this platform. Within the subsequent three months, you will get feedback as to what has happened with your report.

Confidentially or anonymously

You can file a report confidentially with reference to your name and contact information or, if desired, 100 % anonymously.

All reports are handled confidentially and securely.

Report or follow up

From this page, you can make a new secure report (Create a new report) or follow up on an existing report (Follow up on existing report). 

It may be relevant for you to follow up on your reports for numerous reasons:

  1. You wish to check the status of your report to see if there are any news, including whether you have received acknowledgement that your report has been received or whether you have received any feedback on your report. 
  2. You wish to provide additional information to your report.
  3. You wish to answer potential follow up questions to your report.

After having filed a report, you will be given a unique code which must be used to regain access to your report.

Therefore, make sure to have a pen and paper handy to be able to write down your unique code after having filed your report.

It is also possible to download the code from the platform and save it in a file on the computer used in connection with the filing of your report. You should only do this, if you file your report from a computer that you alone have access to. If you wish to remain anonymous and keep your report confidential, you should not file your report from a computer which is owned by ADP or connected to ADP’s network.

Further details

You will find further details under “What and how?” and “Privacy policy” accessible on the next tabs.