Welcome to Polarn O. Pyret's whistleblowing function

Via this reporting channel, you can report any irregularities or suspected violations within Polarn O. Pyret. This whistleblower function is administered by PwC on behalf of Polarn O. Pyret.

You can create a written or verbal report by clicking on the button “Create a new report” further down on this page. You will then be directed to the next page where you can answer a number of questions in a written questionnaire. If you prefer to leave a voice message, you can use the button “I want to report orally” that is also found on the next page.

When sending a report you can select if you want to be anonymous or if you want to include your contact information. The default setting in the system is that you will be anonymous. 

When submitting a report it is important that you are as thorough as you can and include all information you have about the irregularity or suspected breach of law/policy. This is crucial to give the whistleblowing function a good basis for evaluating and investigating the reported information.

Below are some examples of what information the report should contain:
Reporting can be done in any language.

Processing of received reports
All reports are processed immediately.

When a report is submitted you are given a unique case number and a verification code as a receipt for the submission of the report. Your unique case number and verification code will be used when submitting additional information or when obtaining feedback on the report. Feedback is obtained through returning to this page and clicking on the button “Follow up an existing report” below.  

When a new report is received PwC will perform a first assessment of the report to determine if the report categorizes as being within the scope for the whistleblowing function. The report is then sent to Polarn O. Pyret, who will make a decision if the report should be investigated further or not.