BDO Portugal - Ethics Line 
In accordance with the principles of transparency and good corporate governance practices that we wish to pursue, and in compliance with the legislation in force, BDO Portugal provides a system (Ethical Line channel) that allows any personnel or related party to transmit, anonymously or confidentially, any less lawful practice or alleged irregularity within the institution.
Content of the Communication of Irregularities 
The communication of irregularities must contain the necessary information for the analysis of the denounced facts, as: 
  • Clear and detailed statement of the facts with the identification of the Company or Business Unit where the irregularity occurred 
  • Optionally, name and contact details of the person reporting the situation and their relationship with BDO, thus facilitating the analysis and monitoring of the denounce
  • Identification of the people involved in the denounced fact or with knowledge about it, when the fact occurred or if it still occurs 
  • Upload, whenever possible, documents or other information relevant to the evaluation and resolution of the irregularity.