Tell-me! Portal

Through this portal you can report acts that are undesirable, unethical, illegal or contrary to internal policies in relation to Odido Nederlands B.V. (Odido). This portal is intended to put acts on the table that otherwise would never get into the open.

Reporting can be made in writing or orally. In writing, reports can be made confidentially with name and contact details or, if desired, 100% anonymous. All requests are treated confidentially and securely.

After reporting, you can follow the progress of your report in a confidential manner and you can provide additional information - whether or not on request.

Through this portal you can reports:

When making a report, you have the option to upload one or more files as evidence.

ATTENTION: Please do not use this portal for (customer) questions or complaints about Odido products or services. These are not processed through this portal. We would like to refer you to this page.