05680892-4c09-419a-a21b-0cdd795aca04Whistleblower Channel

ONI makes this channel available for reporting by both employees and third parties, namely customers, suppliers or other entities.
In this channel you can submit information about reprehensible situations or report unethical or illegal actions or those that violate internal policies, with confidentiality or anonymity guaranteed.
Your report will be received by ONI's CEO and Head of Legal & Regulatory. If, eventually, one of these persons is the target in your report, you may exclude the person from receiving and follow up of the report. 
On this webpage, you can safely make a new report or track a previously report. 
Following up on your reports may be relevant for the following reasons:
1) You may want to check the status of your report to see if measures are being taken.
2) You may want to provide additional information regarding your report.
3) Those handling your complaint may need additional information to better understand the situation.