You can raise concerns about all serious matters regarding our organisation confidentially and securely through our whistleblower system. It could be suspicion or knowledge of any illegal, unethical or irregular conduct, including matters regarding bribery and corruption, abuse of funds, theft, deceit, embezzlement, fraud and other white-collar crime as well as any personal data security violation, serious environmental damage, conflicts of interest, sexual harassment or other gross harassment as well as gross or repeated offences.


The objective of the system is to bring to light matters that we would not know of otherwise.


It is possible to raise a concern confidentially by providing your name and contact details or you can decide to raise the concern anonymously. You can read more about what you should be aware of in that connection in the section "Anonymity" above. In the menu you can also read more about the framework for the use of our system under "Whistleblowing policy". You can get information about the processing of personal data in the whistleblower system under the section "Privacy policy".


You can create a secure report from this page or follow up on an existing report.


Following up on your reports can be relevant for several reasons:

1) You want to see the status of your report to check whether there have been any further developments.

2) You want to add additional information to your report.

3) The system administrators have asked to receive further information from you to help them follow up on your report.