Welcome to Infinigate’s whistleblower platform

Infinigate is committed to maintaining a high standard of integrity in their dealings with its employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. 
The Infinigate Whistleblowing channel is a secure channel which enables all its employees and stakeholders to report all concerns or infringements can be reported confidentially or anonymously for appropriate investigation. 

These concerns include the suspicion or the knowledge of any illegal or unethical behavior such as bribery and corruption, embezzlement, fraud, sexual harassment or any forms of discrimination. The objective of this Whistleblowing platform is to identify any form of misconduct in a timely manner and bring to light issues within our organization which we will otherwise not know of.  

A concern can be raised confidentially by providing your name and contact details or can be raised anonymously. The section “Whistleblowing Policy” above explains the framework for using the platform. Furthermore, you can get more information about the processing of your personal data under the section “Privacy Policy”. 

A secure report can be created using the link “Create a new report” below. Furthermore, in order to follow up on an existing report, check the status of a report or add additional information to your report, please use the link “Follow up on existing report” below.