Läderach (Schweiz) AG Whistleblower Channel

As an employee or as an external person, you can report violations that do not comply with the Läderach Charta and / or internal guidelines confidentially or anonymously.

You have the option of submitting information about well-founded suspicions, knowledge of actual or possible violations and attempts to cover up such violations that have already been committed or are very likely to occur. You can also report unethical behavior or behavior that violates internal guidelines (see also Läderach Charta).

Personnel matters (e.g. ambiguities regarding vacation credit) cannot be reported in this system. Instead, these should be discussed with the line manager, the managing director or the HR department.

Reports can be made with your contact details or 100% anonymously. All reports are treated confidentially and securely. In a first step, apart from the supervisor at the Konsumentenforum, an independent, external organization, no one finds out about the report.

You can use this page to create a new, secure report or to follow up on an existing report. Tracking your report may be relevant for a number of reasons:

1) You can view the status of your report to see if action is being taken.

2) You can add further information to the message.

3) The ombuds man has requested additional information from you that is necessary to solve the problem or take appropriate action.