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Application security

Two Factor Authentication
Add an additional layer of security into your login flow by adding two factor authentication.
Limited data access
Limit the access for users in the system, so they can only access what they are supposed to.
Built on newest technology
Security at its best with the help of the newest technology.

Data security

All data is encrypted
All data throughout the system is encrypted both in transit (between computers) and at rest (in storage).
Optional anonymous submitter
If the submitter has chosen to stay anonymous, then no data is gathered. If not, then only user provided data is collected.
No IP logs
No matter whether the submitter has chosen to reveal themself or not, no IPs are logged.
GDPR compliant
Protection of personal data in focus.
Hosted in EU, in Frankfurt
All data is stored inside the EU in Frankfurt. No platform data is moved outside of the EU.
Redundancy of data
All data is duplicated across multiple hard disks to make sure that in case of a hard disk failure, no data is lost.

Physical Security

Physical access points to server rooms are recorded by Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV). Images are retained according to legal and compliance requirements.
Data Center Entry Points
Physical access is controlled at buildings' entrance points by professional security staff utilizing surveillance, detection systems, and other electronic means. Authorized staff utilize multi-factor authentication mechanisms to access data centers. Entrances to server rooms are secured with devices that ring alarms to initiate an incident response if the door is forced or held open.
Intrusion Detection
Electronic intrusion detection systems are installed within the data layer to monitor, detect, and automatically alert appropriate personnel of security incidents. Entrance and exit points to server rooms are secured with devices that require each individual to provide multi-factor authentication before granting entry or exit. These devices will ring alarms if the doors are forced open without authentication or held open. Door alarming devices are also configured to detect instances where an individual exits or enters a data layer without providing multi-factor authentication. Alarms are immediately dispatched to 24/7 AWS Security Operations Centers for immediate logging, analysis, and response.
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