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Demo the system to your clients easily. Save time by using our insights and white-label onboarding material.

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EU Whistleblower Protection Directive compliant

Our solution is specifically built to be compliant with the EU directive as well as other regulations locally and in the EU. We go to great lengths to secure our users' data, and data integrity is always our first priority.

Hosted in EU

Your clients' data is safe with us. Our system is hosted in Europe, with the primary server in Frankfurt, Germany, and a redundant setup across Europe. Our hosting providers are audited regularly and have certifications such as ISO 27001 and ISO 27018.

Connect with your clients through a custom branded experience

Don’t let your competitors get a “way in” into your current clients.
Our partners tell us that their competitors are trying to get a way in on their clients through offering them a whistleblower solution.
With our solution, not only can you offer the ideal product to your clients, but also establish a stronger relationship with then through our custom branded experience. Keep your clients in your universe.

The background behind the whistleblower system

Soon, all European companies with a minimum of 50 employees and all public organizations must establish a whistleblower scheme. A recent EU directive makes it mandatory to establish a system that allows employees to submit reports of offenses in the company. The final legislation will come later this year.

What is a whistleblower scheme?

The scheme aims to create a space for your customers' employees where they can safely report reviews if they experience something in the company that should not happen. On 7 October 2019, the Council of the European Union adopted a whistleblower directive obliging private companies and public organizations to establish such a system.

The whistleblowing scheme is a scheme where employees in a company can report violations that have occurred or that may be underway. Employees can report incidents completely or partially anonymously. The reporting takes place through an independent channel, in order to protect the employees' information.

The scheme can, for example, function as a software system through which the employee can report violations. This is usually done through a review page or through an anonymous mailbox. The most important thing is to keep the scheme separate from the company's other communication channels. In this way, the anonymity and trust of the employee is ensured.

Why is a whistleblower system important to your clients' business?

If you have clients who own a company with a minimum of 50 employees, or if they are a public organization within the EU, they are obliged to establish a scheme for whistleblowing. In addition to this, companies that provide financial services and companies at risk of, among other things, money laundering are also required to establish a scheme.

When you choose an external supplier for your whistleblower solution that is optimally focussed on the end-user experience and security, you create the best framework for your clients' business. Many employees prefer to report to an external advisor for fear of 'retaliation'. For example, employees may be hampered by a fear of being discovered if they report violations in the company, where the result for them may be a dismissal.

With a legal requirement for a whistleblowing scheme, it is absolutely essential that your clients who meet the requirements have the safest framework established for whistleblowers. Smaller companies should also consider whether they want to set up a scheme as it is a good signal for the company to send to the community. Some companies choose to use the whistleblower scheme as part of their CSR strategy, where the right solution and supplier can help to position them as more credible on the market.

With a whistleblowing system, your clients create transparency in their business and send a signal to the outside world that they have nothing to hide. If the companies also have plans to grow in the coming years, it may be an advantage for them to have established the scheme in advance.

Why should you choose our whistleblowing system?

Our system is specifically developed for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the EU in relation to companies' whistleblower schemes. We go 'all-in' to give you and your customers the best experience, and securing your data is our first priority.

Through our collaboration with NGOs, we have created an industry-leading solution when it comes to the end-user experience and implementation in relation to CSR.

Our product allows you to choose how much of the customer relationship should be with you, and how much should be with us:

The solution can easily be tailored to suit the needs of your individual customers.

Our software solution is the ideal product for you if you want to give your customers the best experience. At the same time, you will create a strong relationship with your customers, because together, you will achieve a confidentiality that is about protecting your employees and your workplace.

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Whistleblower Software employee, Kristoffer Get a demo from Kristoffer
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Due to the new EU regulations, every company with over 50 employees is forced to set up a whistleblower initiative in their business. Become compliant with Whistleblower Software.

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