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ISO 27001 certified badge.

ISO 27001

& ISAE 3000 type 2


& E2E encrypted

3 steps to create a secure and compliant reporting channel

1. Customize your own reporting page

  • Select reporting options
  • Add policies, guidelines and other documents
  • Customize questions
  • Include your brand identity

2. Distribute the reporting link in your organization

  • Share the link to your online reporting page
  • Employees and other stakeholders can safely submit reports through this link or by scanning QR code
  • You can create unlimited individual links for different departments or branches

3. Handle reports in one place

  • Possibility to exchange messages after submitting report, also when reporting anonymously
  • Deadline reminders
  • Handle reports easily
  • View statistics
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How we ensure anonymity?

Anonymous reporting

Possibility to enable 100% anonymous reporting. No tracking on the reporting page.

Safe file upload

When files are uploaded, we remove the meta-data so the anonymity stays intact.

End-to-End encryption

Not even Whistleblower Software by Formalize can read the reports.

Redacting feature

Remove identity revealing information when sharing reports with external consultants.

Enterprise grade security

ISO 27001 hosting badge. ISAE 3000 Type 2 audit badge. ISO 27001 certified badge. Penetration test badge.

A secure solution also taking Schrems II into account (GDPR)

Local hosting is not enough to protect the privacy of EU residents according to the Schrems II ruling of GDPR.
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Favorite features

Unlimited cases, users and 80+ languages

Fully customizable reporting page

Anonymous or confidential reporting

Automatic translations

Voice distortion

Link / QR code to share the reporting page

All features included in the complete package

Reporting link

Anonymous and confidential reporting

Two-way communication with whistleblower

Multi-language support

Report By Voice support

File upload support

Easy to use for the reporter – No training required

The reporter can see all people receiving the report

Get set up today

Easy to customize the main content on the page

End-to-End encrypted communication

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End-to-End encrypted communication

Two-factor authentication

Single Sign On (SSO) & OAuth

SAML 2.0 Authentication


Optional multi-user flow for case-deletions

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Case management

Case overview

Cases are delegated to the designated automatically

Advanced reporting and statistics

Configure policies and information to the whistleblower

Access controls

Unlimited users

Unlimited cases

Unlimited departments

Unlimited file upload

Support multiple reporting channels

Support for both internal and external reporting

Email and SMS notifications

Secure communication through the digital postbox

Two-factor authentication

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Partner account

Manage cases from all clients in one place

Apply your own and the client's brand

Add new clients easily

Offer free trials to clients

Unlimited advisors

Statistics across clients

Two-factor authentication

Customer onboarding material

Custom sub-domain

Sales material

Possibility for joint-marketing activities

Dedicated client success manager

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Partner overview

Do you represent a law firm, accounting firm or external compliance officer?

Whistleblower Software by Formalize offers a module that enables easy management of client whistleblowing channels and cases in a single overview.


  • Can we try the product before we buy it?
    Yes! You can, of course, try our software for free for 14 days without providing any credit card information. Try out an account by pressing the "try it" button or by scheduling a demo. landing-page.home.faq-answer1-link
  • How secure and privacy friendly is Whistleblower Software by Formalize?
    Whistleblower Software by Formalize is committed to providing a highly secure and privacy-friendly solution. We follow the Privacy by Design principles. All data is stored in Europe, Frankfurt. Our solution is fully compliant with GDPR and Schrems II. We are ISO27001 certified, use ISO27001 certified hosting, are ENS certified and we are ISAE3000 audited. To ensure the highest level of security, we regularly undertake third-party penetration tests. We also use End-to-End Encryption to guarantee a high standard of data privacy in communications through our platform. Read more on our security page.
  • How many reports should I expect?
    The number of reports depends on many factors, such as the size of the company, how the company promotes the channel internally, the narrative and perception of whistleblowers within an organization, or the industry. Our rule of thumb is that on average, you can expect one report in a year per 250 employees. landing-page.home.faq-answer3-link
  • How long does the system take to implement?
    The implementation time can vary depending on factors such as the size of the company and the extent to which you want the solution customized. The tech setup takes approximately 45 minutes and does not require IT support from your company. It is easy enough that you can do it yourself, but we also provide support and onboarding session. Besides that, the setup required you to insert your policies and procedures. Most companies are done with the implementation within 1-15 business days, depending on complexity. landing-page.home.faq-answer4-link
  • How many case workers and languages are included?
    Unlimited. You can add as many case workers and languages as necessary. You can invite both internal and external people, such as law firms or consultants, to access cases. Once you invite case workers, they will gain authorized access to the system. We currently offer the whistleblowing channel in 80+ languages. landing-page.home.faq-answer5-link
  • How do you ensure that whistleblowers remain anonymous?
    We offer the option for whistleblowers to remain anonymous if the company allows this option. To ensure anonymity, we use end-to-end encryption, remove metadata from any uploaded files, and do not track IP addresses. The whistleblowers can have their voices distorted to ensure anonymity. Even when choosing the anonymous reporting option, the reporter and the case handler can follow up on their reports with more material, comments or information to the other party. landing-page.home.faq-answer6-link

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