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Make successful whistleblower
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Case management

Easy to set up, easy to manage. Take a look at a flexible, yet elegant solution for your cases.
Showcasing an all-in-one overview of all cases for the whistleblowing scheme. Categories in the system, where new occurrences will be delegated to whom assigned to the category. Chat system that can be used for two-way communication with the anonymous whistleblower, which is essential for a whistleblowing scheme. Editing a user in the whistleblowing system only allowing him to see reports for specific departments.

Partner account

For resellers & advisors
All-in-one overview for managed whistleblowing schemes Fast and easy onboarding of your new clients in the whistleblowing system. Picture of customization of brand settings in the whistleblowing system such as logo, colors etc.

Did you know that even we can’t see your cases?

Whistleblower Software values privacy, and we do so by building our entire system around security and privacy that goes beyond best practices for the industry. Even our software developers can’t see the details of your cases, due to our End-to-End Encryption. Read more about it here.

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Whistleblower Transparency

Reporting an issue at work can be hugely challenging for employees, so we have designed a journey that makes them feel safe about the process. We guide them through every step of the way, and we make sure that their case is handled transparently.

GDPR compliant and maximum IT security

On an organizational level, Whistleblower Software is ISAE 3000 audited. We use ISO 27001 certified hosting suppliers and our internal processes and product features are built to comply with whistleblowing laws and GDPR. We are handling our customers' most delicate matters, so of course we do everything we can to have the highest security and privacy standards. We’ve built the system with Privacy By Design principles to ensure security in all we do.

Confidential and Anonymous reporting supported

Choose if the whistleblower should be able to report anonymously, confidentially, or both. It feels great for the whistleblower to remain anonymous, but in some countries, the whistleblower is actually better protected if they are not reporting anonymously.

Unlimited cases, users, storage and 70+ languages

At Whistleblower Software, we don’t want to impose unnecessary limits on your company. We are great at building scalable systems and you should reap the benefits of that. To make it easy for your employees, our system also supports many language channels.

A complete package ideal for
organizations with 50-10.000+ employees

Complete package

Whistleblower Software


End-to-End encrypted communication

Two-factor authentication

Single Sign On (SSO) & OAuth

SAML 2.0 Authentication


Optional multi-user flow for case-deletions


Reporting link

Anonymous and confidential reporting

Two-way communication with whistleblower

Multi-language support

Report By Voice support

File upload support

Easy to use for the reporter – No training required

The reporter can see all people receiving the report

Get set up today

Easy to customize the main content on the page

End-to-End encrypted communication


Case management

Case overview

Cases are delegated to the designated automatically

Advanced reporting and statistics

Configure policies and information to the whistleblower

Access controls

Unlimited users

Unlimited cases

Unlimited departments

Unlimited file upload

Support multiple reporting channels

Support for both internal and external reporting

Email and SMS notifications

Secure communication through the digital postbox

Two-factor authentication


Partner account

Manage cases from all clients in one place

Apply your own and the client's brand

Add new clients easily

Offer free trials to clients

Unlimited advisors

Statistics across clients

Two-factor authentication

Customer onboarding material

Sales material

Possibility for joint-marketing activities

Dedicated client success manager