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the best whistleblower system for your company

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A complete package ideal for
organizations with 50-10.000+ employees

Complete package

Whistleblower Software


End-to-End encrypted communication

Two-factor authentication

Single Sign On (SSO) & OAuth

SAML 2.0 Authentication


Optional multi-user flow for case-deletions


Reporting link

Anonymous and confidential reporting

Two-way communication with whistleblower

Multi-language support

Report By Voice support

File upload support

Easy to use for the reporter – No training required

The reporter can see all people receiving the report

Get set up today

Easy to customize the main content on the page

End-to-End encrypted communication


Case management

Case overview

Cases are delegated to the designated automatically

Advanced reporting and statistics

Configure policies and information to the whistleblower

Access controls

Unlimited users

Unlimited cases

Unlimited departments

Unlimited file upload

Support multiple reporting channels

Support for both internal and external reporting

Email and SMS notifications

Secure communication through the digital postbox

Two-factor authentication


Partner account

Manage cases from all clients in one place

Apply your own and the client's brand

Add new clients easily

Offer free trials to clients

Unlimited advisors

Statistics across clients

Two-factor authentication

Customer onboarding material

Sales material

Possibility for joint-marketing activities

Dedicated client success manager

Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel anytime? Is there a minimum term contract?

There is no lock-in period because we only want satisfied customers to use our product and services. We always charge one year at a time and the payment is made in advance.

Is it possible to buy a full service scheme?

Our software can be used both for internal and external whistleblower schemes, but since we are not lawyers, we suggest that you contact us and ask for our compliance program and we’ll help you find a legal advisor for your needs.

Can I add unlimited languages to the product?

You can add as many languages as you want. We support multiple languages in the case management platform as well as on the whistleblower page. If you need a language that we don’t currently support, you can always reach out, and we will consider adding the language.

How many case workers are included in the price?

You can add as many case workers as you find necessary. People will gain an authorized access to the system once you invite them and you can invite internal people as well as external (law firms, etc.)

Can we try the product before we buy it?

No one buys a car without test-driving it first. Buying a whistleblower system might not be as big of a decision as a buying a car, but testing the product is definitely possible. Try out an account by pressing the "try it" button or by scheduling a demo.

How long time will it take to setup the product?

Setting up a whistleblower scheme should not be a big thing. However, the implementation time may vary depending on the complexity of the organization and on the legal work that needs to be done. The technical setup time is approximately 45 minutes with our consultants.

Is it possible to resell Whistleblower Software?

If you are a legal advisor such as a law firm, accounting firm, or similar and you want to have a suitable solution for your clients' needs, you can look at our partner program by pressing "Partner program" in the menu or by scheduling a demo.