The following terms of trade and license apply to Whistleblower Software

The following terms and conditions are accepted using Whistleblower Software.


The license price does not include the processing of internal cases or other legal obligations that the buyer may have in connection with the implementation of Whistleblower Software, which is why Whistleblower Software disclaims all responsibility in the case of internal and external disputes. In the case of Whistleblower Software's partners, the current prices on the website apply at all times, unless otherwise agreed. Whistleblower Software can adjust the price of the product once a year and this will be notified per. e-mail at least 4 months before the price adjustment takes effect. Such a price adjustment will take effect at the beginning of a new subscription period. The price increase can be a maximum annual percentage increase of 10%. If your company does not want to continue the subscription at the new price, the company must cancel the subscription in writing within 30 days of receiving the notice - Whistleblower Software will then suspend the subscription until the end of the current subscription period. Unless otherwise is agreed, the current prices stated on the website will apply at all times.

Terms of payment and termination

Whistleblower Software's payment terms are intended to be one year prepaid before access is granted to the product, unless otherwise is agreed. Upon termination of Whistleblower Software's product, this must be done in writing and no later than 30 days before renewing a new annual subscription. An invoice will be sent from Whistleblower Software in connection with payment. Terms and due date will appear on the invoice sent by Whistleblower Software. In the event of non-payment in circumstances for which Whistleblower Software is not at fault, Whistleblower Software is entitled to calculate default interests from the due date. An interest rate corresponding to 1.5% per. commenced month after the invoice is due. In the event of default in the form of non-payment after the due date stipulated by the conditions, this may result in the case being transferred to debt collection, whereby the usual recovery costs may occur. Access to Whistleblower Software's product will also be closed.

Right of withdrawal

A 2-week trial period can be ordered free of charge, where the customer will have the opportunity to try the product. If payment is not made within 14 days, Whistleblower Software will close access to the system. In addition to the 14-day trial period, there will be no right of withdrawal for business customers in the case of the conditions thereof.


Whistleblower Software disclaims any responsibility for any direct or indirect loss that may occur as a result of any defects in the product. Whistleblower Software's liability is limited to cases of gross negligence or willful misconduct. In the event of compensation in accordance with this section, the claim for compensation may not exceed an amount corresponding to the annual number of licenses the customer has purchased from Whistleblower Software in the year in which the claim arose, unless there is gross negligence or intent. Whistleblower Software also disclaims all liability in the case of the client's choice of advisor.

Intellectual property rights and updates

Should there be any changes, improvements or additions made by Whistleblower Software's customers, these proposed changes to Whistleblower Software are free of charge, whereby Whistleblower Software reserves the right to incorporate and use such proposals. In addition to that, Whistleblower Software reserves the right to update and make changes to the product. Whistleblower Software aims to perform such updates in such a way that the update will not be a nuisance to the customer. There may be certain cases where it will be necessary to close access to the product where updates are made — in such cases Whistleblower Software will notify via email to customers and partners.


Whistleblower Software retains the copyright in the documents, tools, guides, videos and other materials produced by Whistleblower Software that are part of Whistleblower Software's product. Whistleblower Software's product, as well as the documents, tools, guides, videos, instructions and other material produced by Whistleblower Software that are part of Whistleblower Software's product may not be sold, copied or used without the prior permission of Whistleblower Software. Compensation in this connection will take place within the rules laid down by Danish law in this regard. In the case of Whistleblower Software's partners, these will have the right to resell the product by purchasing licenses and thereby gain the opportunity to profit from advice in accordance with cases that may arise as a result of reports through Whistleblower Software. Whistleblower Software's partners set their own rates for advising on any issues arising from Whistleblower Software's product. Upon resale of the product, the product must be sold in accordance with the terms of trade and license prepared by Whistleblower Software at any time. The current terms of trade and license also apply to end customers who may have gained access to the system through one of Whistleblower Software's partners.


Information, data and similar that is shared through Whistleblower Software's product is treated confidentially and is not passed on. Data resulting from the use of Whistleblower Software may be used for statistics, product development and improvement. Whistleblower Software does not use any data that could identify the customer as well as the reporting person.


Whistleblower Software reserves the right to change, at any time, the terms of trade and license developed by Whistleblower Software. Should significant changes occur in the terms of trade and license, these will be notified and the customer will have the opportunity to withdraw from the subscription ahead of time. By using Whistleblower Software, the customer accepts the terms and conditions of trade applicable at any time.

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